Custom Spray Tanning

Custom Spray Tanning 



Certified Specialist.






One Session: $38

Package of 5 Sessions: $159 

Pre Tan

Please shower and shave if necessary.

Optional use a body exfoliating scrub all over body to provide a very even coat of spray tan. 

Please do not wear make up, deodorant, or lotion the day of your spray tan as the solution will NOT penetrate those areas.

During Tan

Please remove any jewelry and place it safely with your belongings. 

Please remove clothing that you would not like to get solution on.

Note: You are allowed to wear whatever you want during your tanning process. This is supposed to be very comfortable and any clothing with the headlines solution will not be damaged while being spray tan. For example you can wear a pair of shorts and tee shirt,you can wear a bathing suit or you can go nude. You will have complete and total privacy to change and become comfortable before you begin tanning. 

If you have longer hair (anything that covers the back of the neck) you may want to bring a hair tie so that the tan can reach all areas of the face and neck. 

Note: The spray tan solution will not color your hair but  remember that you DO have to take a shower the day of your spray tan. It is recommended NOT to get any color treatments on your hair the day of your spray tan. 

Once you are comfortable our Tanning Specialist will enter the room. They provide lotion to your elbows, palms and fingers to prevent solution from tanning these areas because these areas tend to look natural when they are sprayed. Also Pedi Stickers will be applied to your feet to prevent the bottom from tanning.

During Tanning please follow our specialist instructions as to wear to stand and hold positions for the tan to be even. 

Note: The solution is very cold because of the Aloe Vera but the process of spray tanning takes 5 to 8 minutes.You can get back into your clothes immediately after being sprayed you may feel sticky but the product does dry almost instantly. 

Post Tanning

After you spray tan DO NOT GET YOURSELF WET FOR 4 HOURS with the Organic and 8 HOURS for Norvell!!!!! This is extremely important because if you do get this product wet before that time you will have streaks and blotches and the tan will be uneven.

You will feel sticky but lose clothing will feel more comfortable. 

 Do not shave for 72 hours this will also leave streaks in your tan. 

When you have reached at least 4-8 hours after your spray tan please take a brisk shower to remove the sticky layer of solution from your body. DO NOT USE SOAP OR EXFOLIATE this is just a rinse. Use luke warm water to rinse skin please do not use a cloth or lufa. The solution will penetrate deeper for a glowing natural look and continue to darken within 24 hours and leaves skin soft to the touch. 

Please refrain from using lotion just the day of your spray tan. 

The day after your tan you should have beautiful golden skin that you are free to enjoy! 

You can now use lotion and shower as frequently as desired but just note that the more times you shower in a day the quicker the tan will fade. 

You should have a tan that last about 7-10 days some skin tones will very. 

Example if you have fair skin your tan will fade faster if you tend to tan very easily in the sunlight then your skin will hold the tan longer. This solution works with the melanin in your skin and provides a glow that is equivalent to 8 hours of UV exposure.


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